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it’s strange that i can call you now an old friend

refer to you as such, like furniture or a farting cat

a fixture that i’ve drawn around myself with age

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I dunno says the boy at the back of the class

with the flat black hair and the flat black glasses

ignoring the raised hands infront of him.

If you’re going to be like that then why bother with living at all?

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Early morning,

the grey sky doesn’t glitter.

I sit here and

think about all the men I have sat here with,

including the one beside me.

You were my favourite.

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My name is Eugene. I’m a literary agent, aspiring writer and tortoise about town. I’ve been a bit lonely lately so I’ve decided to reach out to likeminded species through the internet. Because no one is lonely on the internet. I’ve just gone through a difficult break up, so I’ve been re-evaluating my life and values and I’ve realised that what I’d really like to do is evaluate other people’s work and make some new friends. I know there are lots of talented writers hiding in Norwich, perhaps skulking in rabbit holes or behind some foliage and I’d like you all to come out of your shells. I realise I just mixed my metaphors, but that’s ok because this is supposed to be a safe place to experiment. There are no rules! (Except for these rules, which I will set out for you.) Read the rest of this entry »